As a parent or guardian of a Scout registered in Pack 62, you play one of the most important roles in your son’s Scouting experience.  Consider being an active participant, not only in attending events, but in volunteering your valuable time.
Volunteering. You will soon find that the time you spend involved with your son's Pack will give you the opportunity to be a "hero" in your son's eyes, and will give you a way to teach volunteerism by example. More boys will go on to volunteer later in life when their parents have led by example.
Be assured that the time you spend as an active Scouting parent will be quality time with your son, creating memories to cherish for a lifetime!
What do I get out of volunteering?
Being involved in Cub Scouting is fun, challenging and rewarding.  Leaders find that their experiences help them to become better parents.  Following are some of the many dividends that will enrich your life as you dedicate your time, talents, and enthusiasm to Scouting:
- Fun and fellowship with other families, sharing your pride in the boys' accomplishments.
- The privilege of helping to enrich and strengthen families.
- A chance to help boys learn good citizenship and to help shape them into men who have strength of character and are sensitive to the needs of others.
- The opportunity to help make a difference in the lives of boys as they grow strong in mind and body.
- A code to live by which will set a worthwhile example for both boys and adults.
- The satisfaction of being a member of a worldwide movement, and pride in being publicly identified as a part of this organization -- wearing the Scouting uniform is a visible means of showing you believe in and stand up for the ideals and objectives of the Boy Scouts of America.
How can I help?  We're glad you asked, because we have many ways you can get involved, big and small, year-long or short-term.  You are the best judge of the time you can commit.  The Pack cannot exist without your involvement on some level.  The following are ways you can become involved (the descriptions are brief; however, if you are interested in a position, we can give you a full job description and additional details).
Leader Training.  Some positions require leaders to be trained and nearly all training is available online.  To complete your initial training, go to

You should complete these trainings, before you begin your first meeting with your Scouts.  There is also a course called "This is Scouting" which should be completed within the first 90 days of assuming a leadership position.

Supplemental Training.  After you have completed Fast Start and Basic Training, you will be well on your way.  A very good leader looks for opportunities to expand their skills, so the Indian Peaks District and Longs Peak Council offer supplemental training sessions such as BALOO, Outdoor Skills for Webelos leaders, University of Scouting, and Wood Badge courses.  Additional information is available online or from your Pack Trainer

Other Publications.  When you become a registered leader with the BSA, you will start receiving issues of Scouting Magazine. This publication will keep you up-to-date with new and upcoming information.  You can also visit the Indian Peaks and Longs Peak Council websites for even more information.

For new Scouts (and those updating their uniforms), check out the Uniform Requirements page.

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