Saturday, October 28 @ Black Rock Elementary

Race Times 8:30 | 9:15 | 10:00 | 10:45 | 11:30

Tigers --8:30
Wolves -- 9:15
Lions/Webs 1 -- 10:00
Webs 2 -- 10:45
Bears -- 11:30

Rain Gutter Regatta Rules


All Boats are to be designed and constructed primarily by Scouts.  Parental involvement, except to ensure the safety of the Scout, should be kept to a minimum.

***Do not purchase the boat kits from the Scout store…the boats are too narrow and the rudders are too large to work well in the rain gutters that we use.

Boat Construction

The boat is to be constructed using only the materials in the kit.  Except as listed in these rules, no substitutions are permitted.  You may use a different straw, if necessary.

The wood base must remain as a single piece.  No more than a quarter inch may be taken off the exterior surface.

There may only be one functional sail on the boat.  The sail should be no larger than the material supplied in the kit.  The sail must touch the mast and use of the pre-drilled hole (in its original location) for the mast is required.

Minor decorative items can be added to the boat.  If desired, these decorations (such as small figures) can be applied to the boat for the ‘best of show’ competition, but must be removed for the race.

The boat can only be as long as the original piece of wood provided in the kit.  For example, if a foremast is attached to the bow of the boat, it must not extend beyond the front of the boat.

If desired, a rudder can be mounted on the boat.  However, rudders that are longer than ½ inch could hit the bottom of the rain gutter and cause your boat to stall.  Further, the rudder cannot extend past the stern (the back end of the boat).

Ensure that the sail is secured to the boat deck with staples or tacks.


The race begins with both boat’s sterns touching one end of the rain gutter.  Before the race, the contestants are to stand at attention near the end of the gutters.  The starter will raise and then drop his/her hand to indicate the start of the race.

The race finishes when the bow of the first boat touches the far end of the rain gutter.

The contestants are not allowed to touch the boat once the race starts.  Incidental (accidental) contact between the contestant’s face and the boat is permitted.  Excessive contact will cause the racer to be disqualified and lose the race.  Hats may not be worn during the race.  It is also suggested that neckerchiefs be removed.

The Contest

For the Scouts, separate tournaments will take place, one for each den.  If there are enough participants, an open class for boats that don’t meet the necessary requirements may be held.

Within each den, a double elimination tournament format will be used.  Contestants will be seeded in the brackets based on the results of Den meeting practice races.  If Den meeting practice races were not run, then the contestants will be seeded by a random selection.


Every Scout entering a boat, whether as a race participant or ‘best-of-show participant or both, will earn a participation patch.

For each den, medals will be awarded for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and one ‘best-of-show’ prize will be awarded to each Rank.  Awards will be presented at the November Pack Meeting.


For new Scouts (and those updating their uniforms), check out the Uniform Requirements page.

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