2018 Pinewood Derby
Check-In:  Thursday, January 18, 2018 | Location:  TBD
Race Day:  Saturday, January 20, 2018 | Erie Middle School

Note on Parental Involvement:  A common complaint at the Pack and District level is that some parents have done too much work on their Scout's cars.  Scouts are supposed to do the majority of the work themselves.  It is not fair if an adult has done much of the work on a car that is competing against cars built by Scouts. Parents should supervise and teach.  Because of the risk of damaging the car, an adult can rough-cut the shape, set the weight of the car and attach the wheels.  Doing more is a disservice to the Scout.  If an adult wants to do more, they are encouraged to build a car of their own and enter it in the Open Class competition.  This is an excellent way to encourage your Scout and show him by example how to build it.  It is nearly impossible for Pinewood Derby Race Officials to judge who has done the work.  We can only trust the honesty of the Scouts, parents and leaders.

Overview:  The 2018 Pinewood Derby is open to all Pack 62 Scouts, Scout Leaders and family members.  There will be two race categories:  Scout Competition and Open Class.  All registered Cub Scouts can compete in the Scout Competition.  There will also be an Open Class competition for family members (including siblings) of Scouts, as well as for Scout Leaders.  Cars competing in the Scout Competition and Open Class must meet the same requirements. 

The race will be a timed event.  Scouts will compete against other Scouts in the same Den and Rank.  Cars having the fastest average time after four (4) separate heats will be selected as the winners in each category (by Den or Rank).  In the event of a tie, the following Tie Breaker Rules shall apply in order:
Total Points (p) - The racer having the lowest total number of points will win this tiebreaker. Points are awarded to each racer based on how they finished in the heat (1st=1pt, 2nd=2pts, and so on).
Results against Common Opponents (c) - The racer having the better results against common opponents will win this tiebreaker. Each of the tied racer's total time against their common opponents are compared. For this rule to be applied, the number of common opponents needs to be greater than or equal to the number of track lanes, for better fairness.

Strength of Schedule (s) - The racer having stiffer competition will win this tiebreaker. Total times for each tied racer's opponents are compared. This tiebreaker will not work if every racer races every other racer in that group.

Best-of-Show awards, by Den or Rank, will also be given in the Scout Competition.  Race winners (one from each Rank) may be invited to represent Pack 62 at the District Pinewood Derby competition in April 2018, provided the District Pinewood Derby is held and sufficient volunteers are available to assist.  Because the number of Best-of-Show entrants is limited at the District Pinewood Derby, the Pack Committee will vote on those that have won Best-of-Show for their Den or Rank at the February Committee Meeting.  The Top 3 vote getters will be invited to represent Pack 62 at the District Pinewood Derby in April, provided the District Pinewood Derby is held and sufficient volunteers are available to assist.

Eligibility of Contestants and Cars:  The 2018 Scout Competition is open to all Pack 62 Cub Scouts.  In case of illness or a conflict, an absent Scout may have his car raced by another Scout.  The 2018 Open Class competition is open to all Scout leaders and family members of Scouts.  Cars in the 2018 Scout Competition must have been made for the 2018 race season (between December 1, 2017 and Race Day).  Cars in the Open Class should have been made for this race season, but it is not necessarily required.  Each participant may enter only one (1) car in the competition. 

Scouts must compete in the Scout Competition. Scout cars are to have been built by the Scout with limited parental/adult assistance.  Scouts should do most of the work including painting.  Open Class cars are not subject to this rule.

Weigh-In and Inspection:  Weigh-in and inspection will take place on Thursday, January 18, 2018.  Your Den Leader will let you know what time to show up.  This pre-race event provides time to make adjustments before the official inspection.  The track will be set-up to allow participants to test their cars and to confirm there are no mechanical problems.  In order to save time on Race Day, we strongly encourage entrants to participate in this Weigh-In and Inspection.  Once the entrant’s car passes inspection and weigh-in, it will be impounded and transported to the event.  The cars will be handled and stored with utmost care during this time.

Race Day Weigh-In and Inspection:  While we want to allow every Scout interested in racing the opportunity to race with their Den, Race Day weigh-ins are strongly discouraged as they delay the race for those who have turned in cars on time.  We will allow Race Day weigh-ins and inspection provided you have secured permission for a Race Day weigh-in and arrive 30 minutes before your Den’s scheduled race time.  Due to time constraints, there is no opportunity to fix defects if a car fails at its initial inspection.  It may be allowed to run in an Open Class if it can be fixed before one of those races.

Race Rules: The purpose of these rules is to provide a reasonable and level playing field for all contestants. These rules closely follow the District rules. If your car conforms to these rules, then it should also qualify under the District Rules, but that is not guaranteed. The Committee reserves the right to modify cars to be entered in the District Derby to comply with District Derby Rules.  Entrants in the District Derby are strongly encouraged to participate in the District check-in process (typically, the Thursday before the Scout Show).  Please read and follow the rules!  Violation of any Derby rules will result in disqualification from competition.

Use only Pinewood Derby Kit #17006, authorized by Boy Scouts of America and available through Pack 62, the Louisville Scout Service Center, the Loveland Scout Store, McGuckin Hardware in Boulder or other licensed Boy Scout Distributors.  Any other kit, such as those advertised in various magazines, including Boy’s Life, or sold in hobby stores and even McGuckins (for example: Pinecar), will not be accepted.  Parts such as wheels, axles, precut wood blocks, etc, may not be interchanged with other kits.


Weight and Appearance

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Ground Rules

Inspections and Disputes

For new Scouts (and those updating their uniforms), check out the Uniform Requirements page.

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