One common thread running through all Scouting programs is camping.  Boy Scouts camp every month.  At Pack 62, we strive to schedule as much camping as we can.  Camping is used to teach a number of skills, including outdoor survival skills. We also use camping as a means to bring the entire family into the Scouting program.  Pack 62’s camping is usually done as a family.  We invite all family members, where appropriate, to attend our camps, including siblings, parents and grandparents.

We use organized activities to teach the boys, and a limited amount of free "exploring" time to help boys learn on their own.

Pack 62 camping also helps introduce the boys to the skills they will need while camping as Boy Scouts.

Finally, camping is a great way for Cub Scouts to meet new friends and make memories with their current friends.  We encourage all boys to attend and participate in all camping adventures, including those run by the Longs Peak Council.

Pack 62 plans to provide camping opportunities throughout the year for our Pack, as well as notifying members of opportunities to camp with our local Boy Scout Troops. If you have any suggestions for educational and fun overnights, please let us know.

Camping Forms and Information:  Whenever you are camping, as a Pack or with the Council, you will need to fill out the required health form for each person who will be attending the event, including siblings, parents and grandparents.  These forms can be found online.  Click here.

As part of the new Cub Scout program, THE OUTDOOR CODE is going to be more prevalent.

As an American, I will do my best to -

Be clean in my outdoor manners.

Be careful with fire.

- Be considerate in the outdoors.

- Be conservation minded.

For new Scouts (and those updating their uniforms), check out the Uniform Requirements page.

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