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SummerTime Event #6
Friday, August 1 - Camping in Scout Circle
Saturday, August 2 - Picnic by the beach
Come for either, come for both!
Union Reservoir (461 CR 26, Longmont; directions below)

RSVP to Derek Wilk or Greg Voss by Wednesday, July 30.
Camping: For those looking to join us camping prior to the picnic on Saturday, August 2, we can only accept 50 people into the "Scout" area.  We don't expect this to be a problem, but please RSVP as soon as possible.  If we do have an issue with the number attending, we will accommodate as many Scouts who would like to be involved as possible by restricting those camping to 1 Scout and 1 parent/guardian. Chaperoning is permitted, but not more than 3 Scouts for any 1 adult.
All Youth Protection guidelines must be adhered to, including, but not limited to the fact that an adult may not share a tent with a Scout who is not related, even if his/her son is in the tent with them.
The expense for camping in Scout Circle is being picked up by Pack 62.
Check-in on Friday is after 3pm.  Check out on Saturday is after the picnic.
Picnic:  We will be setting up by the beach.  Bring your own lunch, the Pack will be providing dessert.
Entrance Fee:  The cost for entrance into Union Reservoir, whether camping or just coming to the picnic, is $8 per vehicle.  The Pack will not be picking up this fee.
Directions: NOTE:  County Line Road is closed just south of Highway 119. Best directions:  Take 287 North to Highway 119 (also known as Ken Pratt Blvd.).  Turn right onto Highway 119; take Highway 119 East to Country Line Road.  Turn left onto Country Line Road; take County Line north to County Road 26.  You will cross over train tracks before making a right (East) onto County Road 26 (CR 26 is about a half mile north of Highway 119).  Follow the signs to the park entrance.

Hope to see you all there!

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